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Wendy3112 Registered Posts: 1
I have been asked by a client to produce a letter for their mortgage adviser to say they are expect to do as well this year (forecasts back this up). Could anyone tell me if we are allowed to do this as a licensed member and if so is there a template?



  • AndrewG
    AndrewG Registered Posts: 6
    Hi Wendy
    I think this would be regarded by AAT as a Direct-Reporting Assurance Engagement, so I think you need to have this service on your licence.
    I think most major mortgage providers will accept MAAT as a suitable qualification to sign a mortgage letter, but I'd check first with the specific mortgage adviser.
    I also think I would want to make sure my Professional Indemnity Insurance covered this kind of service. A colleague of mine once wrote a letter supporting a mortgage application and when the client became bankrupt, the mortgage provider came after the accountant for the money. His PII provider wouldn't help him because they said he had been negligent in the way he had acted!

    Kind regards
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