How long does AVBK take?

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I'm studying independently with access to resources, tutors, etc. online.
Advanced Bookkeeping is my second Lvl3 module, and I'm busy planning it out to fit around work.
I can study something like 8 hours per week (bit of a nerd).

Does anyone here have some advice as to how long this module might take?

Many thanks in advance!
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    AVBK is one of the bigger modules. If you've done the Management module it'll be about the same as that if not I'd say about 1.5* longer than the smaller modules as an estimate.

    I can't really give a time as everyone studies at different paces (even over an hour) and would want different amounts of revision work. I was generally fine by reading the osborne book and then doing practice papers but I know some people would want to do lots of questions as they went along.
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    Post-exam comment, for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation: I ended up taking the AVBK exam after about six weeks of self-study. I passed well (hurray!), but am now really tired - fitting it in around (sometimes during) the commute, and doing short bits during my lunch break cost me quite a bit of energy!

    So I'm going to give myself a little break to catch my breath before launching into FAPR B)
    MAAT - April 2022
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