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Claudine71Claudine71 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 8
Can anyone recommend a simple way of remembering how to use vlookups, I spent almost 20mins is my avsy exam yesterday trying to do one and I got error messages Inc one about circular references. I wasn't the only one in my class who had problems in the Synoptic. Also who has the best explanation of one Osborne or Kaplan. Thanks


  • KrissoKrisso Registered Posts: 9
    The easiest way I can think to explain it is as follows

    Result (Vlookup)=((A1) cell to lookup,(B1:D20) in area to look up, (3) return the column result of that area, (False))

    I would always put false so that the search looks for an exact match as putting true will make it look for a close match and will not always return the correct result

    Hope this helps
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