Rounding days on working capital

Alexa Registered, AAT Student Posts: 14
Hi guys

How do you round days on the working capital, receivable and payables when it says "should be rounded to the nearest day". If calculations show you 21.11 do you do 22 days or do you round down to 21 days. I was told by my teacher than i can not round down days it needs to go up but i am wondering if this is general rule. So far in all my calculations I had a number with 0.5 so it always went up as it matches both rules but what if is below 0.5?

Thank you


  • matthew14
    matthew14 Registered Posts: 10 New contributor 🐸
    Hi @Alexa it would normally be to the nearest day but not always so the question should make this clear. sounds obvious but I will always say from previous experience to read the question carefully!
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