Don't know where to start with synoptic prep!!!!!

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I have just started my revision for the synoptic exam in 3 weeks after sitting FSLC last week. I really don't know where to start with revising for it. I am comfortable with Q1 and the ratios questions, its just the writing elements that I can never seem to get right. I know that the exam is based on Ruby Dale - Are the questions that are going to be asked going to be like the ones in the practice papers just based on Ruby Dale instead of another company? So I dont know whether im best to just sort of write down all the questions asked in the practice papers and write notes as if i were answering it for ruby dale? Or is that just going to be a waste of time.
Im really stressing about this one :s


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    Hi @ChloePage99 I felt the same way initially! With Q3 for example the 5 weaknesses of procedures or 5 opportunities of fraud and why this could be possible in a scenario is similar to the practice questions. So SPAMSOAP can be used for pretty much any scenario.
    Similar with Q6 there is either going to be a CBA or SWOT so there is a limit to the type of questions that will be asked. But with both of these you are given additional information to find the weaknesses etc and that should be the main source for the answers. Using the pre release is good though to give a more rounded answer even if it is just using names of staff members - in literally every possible answer I said something along the lines of ''in Ruby Dale this procedure would be the responsibility of Joe Bloggs the Finance Director'' - or a remark about something like Ruby Dale's expansion or outsourcing to link in.
    With Q4 and Q2 there is a lot of material that could be used so I found looking at as many mark schemes and practice assessments as possible helpful, as well as Youtube video walkthroughs. Again in Q2 at least you are given additional information to use which is the main source but again referencing the pre release if possible is a good idea. It might again only be a small reference but it shows the examiner that you are clued up on the company and makes your answer more specific to the company.
    Knowing the pre release off by heart personally is not a great idea but reading it through a few times and if you can think through a few good points like something about its recent performance or hopes for the future that can be linked in it will help.
    Hope that is helpful!
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    The questions tend to follow the same structure per task so I revised each question separately. Tasks 1,3+5 are probably the 'easier' tasks. 1 is the multiple choice. 3 is 5 weaknesses and 5 is ratios.

    Task 2 will probably be based around budgets
    Task 4 will be Decision and Control
    Task 6 will be a SWOT or CBA.

    All this can be got from the in depth example.

    When using the pre-release material its important to consider the types of things that could be linked. e.g Ruby Dales has had a large expansion so you could expect that the budgets might be modeled incorrectly or the communication procedures don't work very well
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