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Learning outcome- Professional Synoptic!!

AunyAuny Registered Posts: 2
I am going to take synoptic examon the 26th september. I am feeling like i am in the ocean. I was the student of AQ2013. This synoptic is killing me. I really don'tknow how to get it done. I failed 5 times already. Any tips how to get it done? I think i am missing one fundamental thing,what is the learning outcome? how do you find them? For an example ASYC LO1, LO2? I know it's from Accounting system and controls, but where should i look for LO1 or LO2?

Anyone please help me.


  • annamuaannamua Registered Posts: 1
    What was your last marks from the exam? what question gives you the most trouble? Not sure if I actually should advise since I haven't passed mine (first attempt I had 66%, I have awaiting result from my second sitting now) but the way I prepared was:
    *Q1 I read Internal Controls book and went through few papers from level 2 and 3 (Reconciliations, Suspense Account etc)
    *Q5 is the second one I did on the exam since it is a multiple choice/ ratio calculations. I found it very easy. You need to practise all ratios calculations + you need to know what can cause decrease in gearing, sales etc you need to know how to interpret decrease/ increase in certain ratios
    *Q3 I was doing next. It is relatively easy, you need to find 5 weaknesses in internal controls and either explain how they can create problem to the company or recommend changes
    *Q6 could be either Cost Benefit analysis or SWOT analysis. I didn't really prepare much for this and got full marks on first attempt. I just went through sample assessment papers and practiced couple of time
    *Q2 and Q4 is the one which gives me a headache as I am not good in writing! It is an essay type of question and you have to analyse budgeting in Q2 and have a Management Accounting related Q4. If you will be lucky, they can ask you for some calculations in Q4 so you can get some marks easier
    I had a full marks on Q3, 5 and 6 last time, and borderline for Q1, below requirements for Q2 and Q4 so I practiced these 3 the most.
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