Advanced Level Books - Buy Now

Advanced Level Books:

Management Accounting:Costing - Wise Guide
Final Account Preparation - Wise Guide
Advanced Bookeeping - Wise Guide
AAT Question Bank Level 3 - From September 2019 - BPP
AAT Question Bank Level 3 - From September 2017 - BPP
Spreadsheets for Accounting - Osbourne Books
Ethics for Accountants Osbourne Books
Advanced Diploma Synoptic Workbook Osbourne Books

£25 ono. Some have been written in by pencil.

Please send me a message for more information.


  • Dave_1001
    Dave_1001 Registered Posts: 7
    Despite 31 views of this thread so far nobody has said they are interested in buying these books from me.

    Happy to give them away for free now and if you are interested let me know asap.
  • Qamar
    Qamar Registered Posts: 2
    Can i have these books? Thanks
  • BBarrett
    BBarrett Registered Posts: 9 New contributor ?
    Do you still have any of these books ? Also any advice about passing L3 Management accounting I failed the exam yesterday but the paper was so much harder than the practice 1 & 2 on the AAT website . I got 50% i worked so hard but then half the questions I did'nt know what they wanted and nothing came up that I studied for its was so hard I was in shock thought it was L4 to be honest not L3. Anyways any advice much appreciated
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