Where am I going wrong?

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I'm desperate for help.
I'm using the osborne books. I'm on chapter 3 of bookkeeping transactions. I understand that money in is a debit and money out is a credit that thay particular account and the opposite happens on the other account.
I did the practice questions at the end of the chapter and I got them all wrong. What am I missing?
If anyone has used this book, can uou give me some incite, will be much appreciated.


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    Hi nadia

    I've given a bigger run down on one of your other threads but it's better to think of it as where money is coming from and where it's going to.

    Think of an income account. Money comes from your income and goes into your bank.

    It's not as intuitive to think of money from an income account is money out so it'll be easier to make mistakes similarly with expense accounts.

    If this doesn't help try posting some of the questions with your answers as someone can then explain the though process with examples
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