AAT exam FSLC q1 cashflows

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Has anyone else done the FLSC test recently and found that they couldn't get the net cash flow right or the same as the balance sheet for question 1?

Not to discuss answers or anything, but I've practiced them to death and was on the look out for all possible variables, calculated the ppe purchases and disposals and tax paid correctly but the figure I was coming out with was miiiiles off the actual cash flow from the balance sheet (including overdraft).

Probably fat fingers but I was staring at this question for the best part of an hr (completed the exam though). Anyone else as stumped as me?


  • Pian32
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    If you were miles off I'd guess you forgot to remove or add something back from the accounts. For instance depreciation on large companies is large.
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    I wouldn't worry too much, I took this one last week and some bits didn't come out as planned, but you can definitely still get a pass overall on the exam. Fingers crossed for both of us to get a pass grade, hope you are having a good christmas
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