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Optional units


I have finished all of my mandatory units and will be choosing my optional soon. I was wondering if you could advise which ones are the easiest ones to choose?
Thank you


  • Pian32Pian32 Registered Posts: 255
    I would advise not going for the 'easist'. Ask yourself: What would be most useful to you?

    If you're doing more financial accounting then the tax modules are a good choice for example.
    Management accounting will probably benefit more from the cash and treasury management and the credit management.

    These are just examples but should help give you an idea.

    I did both the tax options as I'm working in a practice and had lots of tax related things I could then assist with in the office.
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  • IshratIshrat Registered Posts: 48
    I did external auditing and personal tax, I enjoyed both units very much.
    The Audit unit helps you with the synoptic assessment, it helps you to build the early start.
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