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Credit Management exam

Bran278Bran278 ManchesterRegistered Posts: 36
Anyone taken this exam recently? I sat it today. Just wanted to know what people thought of it, and their result, etc..


  • mergenmergen Just Joined Registered Posts: 112
    @Bran278 not recent but last year got 80%. Found it an interesting exam and a module, maybe because I worked as a Credit Controller. Lots on ratios, laws and what measures to take when someone isn't paying and etc. Again that was last year.
  • LeapyUKLeapyUK LiverpoolAAT Student, AATQB Posts: 32
    I have experience working in credit Control also, so I am finding this topic very interesting.

    I have my exam in December, but wishing you the best of luck in your result Bran.
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