Synoptic Exam - Week commencing 19th October

Grindle97 Registered Posts: 2
Hey, I sat my first attempt at this exam yesterday and felt it went okay. The only question that threw me was Q4 which without discussing it directly was about machine hours etc. I was wondering If anyone else had this question and if you have you ever seen a question like it? Unfortunately I hadn't come across any similar ones in any of the mock questions. I even felt the question was a bit weak in detail and what it was asking you to do, but that may have just been me over thinking it! But it would be nice to see a mock example to see if I was anywhere near answering along the right lines!


  • meganeloise
    meganeloise Registered Posts: 1
    Hiya, I had this question as well. Apparently we were meant to use ABC Costing, but i had no idea. Completely messed it u and wrote about a limitnig factor. Expecting a fail today
  • KD12345
    KD12345 Registered Posts: 2
    Just got my results 1st attempt, 65%
    I have to re sit it in the new year 😔
  • mergen
    mergen Registered Posts: 112 New contributor 🐸
    1st attempt - 62%
    just received 2nd attempt - 66%
  • Grindle97
    Grindle97 Registered Posts: 2
    Ah unlucky, im sure you'll all smash it next time round! I got my results too and got 77%, so Q4 didnt hold me back too much luckily
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