Exam format seems to have changed. Now 8 questions?


I'm currently studying for this exam.

I'm using an old version of 1st intuition notes (August 2016). now these textbooks are AQ 2016 but the practice questions and mock exams all have 10 questions, while the practice assessments on AAT website are both 8 questions with different marks per question.

I'm assuming AAT changed the format of the exam at some point?

Ideally I'd like to revise using the same exam format, ie 8 questions.

Can anyone recommend an updated question bank book that is the same format as the exam?

I'm actually quite annoyed the format has completely changed as i only have a few weeks till my exam and had no idea! (perhaps they should have rebranded it aq2018 or something)

Any speedy advice appreciated - i'd like to order a new question bank right away!


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