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I hope you may be able to give me some advice regarding my options for who I can use as a professional referee for a AAT bookkeeping licence.

I have recently gained my AATQB qualification and I am now a AATQB member.
I want to apply for my bookkeeping licence but I am having difficulty choosing a professional referee.

Considering the current unstable economic climate, I'm reluctant to approach anybody I work with as I am unsure how my employer would view this. I have read that some people have used a person they studied with but this isn't an option for me as I studied online,

Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.

Kind regards



  • Frosty
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    Hello Joanne,
    I am in the same situation, so I am afraid I have nothing useful to add, other than I am also very interested in any suggestions or advice offered.

    Best regards,
  • Neillaw
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    It may be an option for you to look into assisting someone over the next month as January is going to be busy. It's going to be difficult job to start with but with the lockdown it's going to make it worse. Not to sure how the referee works with AATQB.
    If you mange to get some work then you could ask them to be your referee.
    It would help if you let people know which part of the country your located.
    Good luck
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