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Looking to qualify as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Have some experience already and already hold 2 degrees in other subjects so used to studying.

I know I can self study and book the exams myself at levels 2-4, but do I have to sit all of the exams? Can I do the study for level 2 say, level 3 and then 4 but just do the level 4 exams and still qualify?

I know if I was looking at doing courses I could start with level 3, but not sure if you actually need the level 3 exam passes to qualify fully.

Many thanks!


  • Pian32
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    Each level is separate so you don't need the previous ones to do the later ones.

    However all material in previous levels is assumed knowledge so just be aware of that.
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    That's what I thought - thank you for the clarification, good luck with your studies
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