Starting up as a MIP.. mentor/partners?

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Hi all,

I've been a member for quite a few years and have worked in accountancy for at least 15 years. I'm currently a financial controller of a medium sized charity leading the year end audit with one of the big 4, the technical accounting, HMRC relationship plus financial systems. It's a great job that has challenged me to broaden my skill set however I've always wanted to be a MIP.

I realise working for my self as a member in practice (once registered) will require me to develop a broader skill set but I was wondering if there was anyone about that could act as a mentor or even better if there was someone looking for partnership opportunities - either someone looking for additional support or someone with a compliementry skill set to mine?

I'm looking to work around my job initally and have the full support of my FD (also a friend). I have read the various posts and support from the AAT's website and have a fairly good idea of what I need to get into place.

I'm based in North Herts but with the MS Teams/Zoom location doesn't have to be a barrier.



  • hsp
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    Hi Matt
    Did you get anyone
    I’m also looking for a mentor partner
    Been working in the charity sector for over 16 yrs now but in the middle of applying for my mip license
    I realise most of clients are likely to be private so looking for a sound Board too
    I’m happy to connect with anyone
  • Neillaw
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    Hi Guys
    I'm always willing to answer any questions if required.
    If you need assistance or a chat then send me a message.
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