Has anyone ever felt discriminated

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Hi. I’ve been studying AAT level 2 for over a year. I’ve been delayed in Passing and moving into level 3 because I was finish my degree. I’m currently finishing my AAT level 2 and for a few months now I’ve been paying for professional training at an accounting firm/training provider. I can use Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and excel. I’ve done everything in bookkeeping up to Payroll.

The question I wanted to ask was does any body from an ethnic minority sometimes feel like the name on their CV reduces their chances. My wife has seen my CV and qualifications and she says she has never found it difficult to get a job but for the past ten years I’ve always struggled to find work despite working. I’ve never wanted to think it was something due to my ethnicity or name but I’m beginning to think it’s the case. I’ve seen the looks I get when I’ve been for an interview perhaps because not a lot of people from my ethnicity are in the profession.

So I wanted to ask has anyone else been through this. I know it’s difficult for everyone at this time but I do have experience and to never ever receive a reply after applying for hundreds for jobs you can only start to think what is going on.
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