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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some advice. I will be starting the AAT Professional Diploma in the new year (sit the Advanced Diploma synoptic in a fortnight, but on track for a distinction so not worried about passing).

After that, the plan I have devised with my work is to continue on to CIMA.

I was just wondering which optional units people think would be the best for this transition?

Thanks in advance.



  • PeterCPeterC Registered, Tutor Posts: 190
    I'm afraid that none of the options is especially helpful. Cash & Treasury Management covers cash budgets, which will be useful. Otherwise, perhaps you should base your decision on which is likely to be most helpful at work, or which ones have higher pass rates. If you were going to do ACCA, the answer would be obvious; the tax papers. Having taught both CIMA and ACCA to AAT-qualifieds, I'm afraid that the transition to CIMA is considerably harder, mostly because of the greater need to take a strategic view, from the outset.
  • bigevy08bigevy08 Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks for your input, Peter.

    Totally forgot I had made this post until today!

    Fortunately I work within a Management Accounting function of a manufacturing business so have the resources around me to look at things from a strategic viewpoint.

    Think I'll do a bit of digging around and see how things look.
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