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MarkA Registered Posts: 18
Is anyone else having problems doing he practice assessments with Surpass Viewer?
Things I've tried:
Cannot access any assessment
Interface is limited, error message pops up
can't add in the url, \
chat support is not working,
and the help number just goes through to a voice message that cuts you off.
I can use the old flash method, but the text is small on y laptop, and difficult to read, and despite scrolling not all questions are fully reealed.
How do you access the assessments via viewer?
Thanks in advance


  • MarkA
    MarkA Registered Posts: 18
    Found, buried in the installation guide it's not ready for the pracice assessments yet.
    I didn't look there as I downloaded it without problems.
  • joannamcintyre
    joannamcintyre Registered, AAT Student Posts: 7 New contributor ?
    I finally downloaded SurpassViewer and I find it it worse than Flashplayer. When I attempted the first Synoptic Practice Assessment when I did question 2 it took ages to drag the answers in the box, I was using a mouse and my PC and the answers kept bouncing back down, eventually I found if you drag the answer to the right of the box and let go of the mouse, it worked. I don't know if this is an issue with Surpass or not but these questions are not user friendly. I just hope they work in my exam otherwise I will panic and lose precious time.
  • Chiccoboy
    Chiccoboy Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
    Hi There, just wondered if anyone is experiencing problems assessing the AAT mock exams using Surpass Viewer, it was working perfectly yesterday but have been trying all morning with no joy and I got my final paper tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  • Chiccoboy
    Chiccoboy Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
    Finally managed to get in now, thank God for that.
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