Is it worth venturing into this qualification, considering ..

Hey all,

To recap, I am doing a nursing degree.

This September I have started my 3rd and final year but I was never happy with this degree since the first placement I went to.
I always knew deep down it wasn't for me but stuck it through until 2 days ago when I began my penultimate 10 week placement.
Frankly, with the covid-19 crisis and my underlying issue, I thought it's better to suspend the course and take a gap year (my mental health was also deteriorating due to the stress experienced on the ward and the virus etc.).

My question is whether it's feasible to do AAT levels 2 and 3 (possibly 4) in the next 12 months or so?
I don't have the additional funds to pay for a tutor and would like to ideally push for independent study.
Also, I would like to technically gain valuable work experience whilst working towards achieving level 2 in aat. Is this all achievable in a year? Or should I first begin studying, passing the aat level 2 exams and then look for trainee roles?

Thank you for your replies


  • LeapyUK
    LeapyUK LiverpoolAAT Student, AATQB Posts: 33

    Levels 2 and 3 are possible to complete in one year, but Level 4 could be another year on its own, as it involves a lot of analysis, explanations and report writing.

    In terms of work experience, you could possibly try for an office junior to get some hands on experience or volunteer in accounts and shadow some of the staff to get some experience with accounting software, understanding double-entry bookkeeping, etc.

    Best wishes 😊
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