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jlambo21 Registered, AAT Student Posts: 5 New contributor 🐸

I have just realised i have the wrong Question Bank ahead of my exam next week as I am doing Ruby Dale and the book I have relates to Veggie Delights. The book have has this page with useful links I was wondering if the Ruby Dale book has something similar and if someone would mind sending me anything from the book that may be of use.


  • RachaelH1997
    RachaelH1997 Registered Posts: 5
    Hi @jlambo21

    Good luck for next week.

    I have the Ruby dale one would you like me to send you some pictures of the commentary?

    I also have my resit next week.

    Kind regards,
  • sannnnnsan
    sannnnnsan Registered, AAT Student Posts: 3
    hi @RachaelH1997 can you send me the ruby dale question bank book? im having my resit this week.
  • 704nikki
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    Hi @jlambo21 - could you possibly please send me any of the info you have regarding veggie delight? My exam is at the start of feb but the book I have is ruby dale (typically!)
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