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I got my Sage 50 result back today and felt like i did well when I sat it in November in order to pass it but I got 53%, So disappointed as this is the last one to pass at L2. I was sure that I di well as i have done L1 Accounting Software and was surprised with the result, my question is has anyone appeal a mark and AAT decided to passed the topic or not . Not sure if its worth going to appeal or just resit it and study more etc.


  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 448
    At 53% unless you think they've marked it wrong or there were external factors I don't think it would be worth the appeal.

    I can't remember the full format for the exam other than screenshoting what you need to. I think sage have a qualification/course you can do in their software so this might be worth a look if you are stuck (it was compulsary for me with who I registered with). It's not really easy to give advice on it without seeing you using the software unfortunately.
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