Latest AAT pass rates (interesting read)

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Bumped into this article.. from PQ magazine which analyses the accounting bodies pass rates trends.... very interesting

According to this the professional synoptic exam has a marginally better pass rate than decision and control.... now for me I shouldn't be surprised I guess.. I failed my first attempt and MDCL (69% :'( ) but passes it at the 2nd attempt...

The advanced synoptic has a lower pass rate than the professional one .. Crazy.... I personally didn't find the advanced synoptic too bad and passed first time will 88%.

But anyway thought some of you might find it a interesting read

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    I'm not surprised at the professional findings. The MDCL is where the written sections steps up quite a lot and if you get a handle on it here the synoptic will be easier.

    The advanced is a small difference but interesting. Again when i think back the structure and method in the advanced synotic felt very different to the other exams at that tier. As well as being tight for time for a lot of people and some not relly understanding what they need to screenshot as they work through the spreadsheet section. Whereas the professional followed on from the style in MDCL but with different content and more broad.

    Thanks for the information.
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