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PreeceSian AAT Student Posts: 5
Good morning
I have recently completed aat level 3 advanced bookkeeping and earned my aatqb status. With this, would I now be able to move onto aat level 4 professional diploma as I have took the bookkeeping route and not the accounting route?



  • hal978
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    If you are home studying, you don't need to take Level 3 to start Level 4. You can start Level 4 straight away. However your learning provider might have their own conditions so it's best to check with them, if you are using one
  • PreeceSian
    PreeceSian AAT Student Posts: 5
    thats great thank you
  • Pian32
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    It would be worth remembering that by doing the bookkeeping you have missed modules that only occur in the accounting side and may need to go over those from the earlier levels as well.
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