Moving to Level 3 prematurely

I've seen similar threads to this on this site, but just wanted to confirm whether I can start studying for Level 3 without having completed all of Level 2.

I've been self-studying L2 for a while but only completed half of the exams. Due to COVID, I have been able to continue studying at home but unable to take exams during this time, and lost a lot of time when I would have happily continued to take my exams. Rather than pick up where I left off, I feel my understanding is good enough to move up to Level 3 now but want to make sure that my exam provider would allow me to take exams at Level 3 without having completed Level 2.

I also work in the finance sector and have done for the past few years so, aside from my distance-learning, I have practical experience as well which should help me in moving up a level.


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    Last year I sat my first L3 exam (and booked my second) before receiving the result of either my UACS exam, or my (calculated) Foundation synoptic result (and thus my overall result for L2). I also switched exam centre - for L2 I was working with a college, and for L3 I studied on my own, booking exams independently. The booking system for my assessment centre didn't ask for 'proof' of L2 - they'll take your booking fee either way!

    You could ask your exam centre, and of course their word will determine whether you can sit exams with them. Otherwise, if you're studying independently, the onus is on you alone to say whether you're ok moving on.
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    The exam centres won't mind as you don't have to have completed the previos levels to do the next.
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