level 4, synoptic assessment task 4

I am preparing for exam in February. Not fun.. :)
The 1st mock assessment from aat site, task 4. Please help if you can.
The issue I have is: I have no idea what to do here. The funny thing is - I knew time ago..
The contribution calculations suddenly doesn't work for me.

Here are the answers.

Thank you, if you can explain me a bit of this.


  • bethfarmer121
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    The marginal cost per unit is worked out like this

    18 x 1.15 = 20.70 (this is because it is the direct costs and the variable portion of the overheads which is 15% of the direct costs)

    To undercut the competition is the competition price (from the spreadsheet given in the question) minus the marginal costs (21.00-20.70 = 0.30) then multiply by the number of units (0.30 x 250 = 75)

    You can repeat the above process for the market price and spreadsheet price
  • genesta
    genesta Registered Posts: 24
    Thank you! Somehow i sorted it. :)
    Sorry for being late with reply.
    Thank you a lot!
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