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Has anyone got any tips for study etc on this exam? This will be my second attempt, first attempt I failed by 4% and that was because I got hit with the dreaded Cost benefit analysis rather than the SWOT! which I did think was very unfair and there were no study materials for the cost benefit analysis anywhere! I took this over a year ago now, due to COVID etc it was hard finding an assessment centre close to me! I will have to travel an hour for my exam so hoping I pass this time!

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    When I studied cost benefit analysis could be found in the MDCL unit (though it was only a couple of pages in the osborne book) so you might be able to find some examples in the material for that unit.

    I would study by task. From your preperation a year ago and the current practice papers you'll probably find the question tasks have a structure to them which can help in your preperation.

    Task 1:
    Mulitple choice based around journals and errors (mostly)

    Task 2:
    Written question based around MABU

    Task 3:
    Find 5 weaknesses

    Task 4:
    Written question based around MDCL

    Task 5:
    Financial Ratios

    Task 6:
    Written question based on a SWOT or CBA (though I've hear this has changed so would be worth checking)

    I revised by getting a bunch of practice papers and doing all of the same task from each to get used to the style that was wanted (especially for the written parts). I'd also consider what you can use from Veggie Delights that would likely relate to the written questions.
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