Can someone please help me with my AAT Level 4 portfolio?

I am currently working on my AAT level 4, I have to complete a portfolio which I will later discuss with AAT. Can anyway help with me what I need to include and the mapping part? Thanks.


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    Hi Holly. I have just done the L4 apprenticeship and almost completed the portfolio. The mapping document is helpful to use as a sort of to-do list throughout building the portfolio. If it is the same as mine it should have 12 different learning objectives like Team Work, Communication. etc and these will all have 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on in a list, with different objectives that you have to show evidence that you have met. The evidence can be written statements from yourself, witness testimonies from your employer or colleagues, screen shots of you carrying out tasks that fit the mapping document criteria... For example, in mine there was a Leadership objective which I struggled with, but my apprenticeship assessor from college asked me if I've ever trained anyone, and then I realised I helped a junior member of staff learn the ropes, so that can count as leadership, so I put that in there and asked him to write a short testimony of how I trained him.

    The actual mapping document itself is for you to track which pieces of evidence corresponds with each learning objective, so that when your college or AAT are looking at your portfolio, the mapping document is kind of like a contents page so they can find the file with that evidence. Your tutor/apprentice assessor will also use the mapping document to write feedback for you, and they'll sign off sections on it when they're complete and ready for AAT to see. I hope this has helped. :)
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