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Gdh Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
Hello. I have just completed my first practice exam and failed miserably! Does anyone know where I can get the results of my test? I just want to know what I got wrong to restudy those areas. Thanks.

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  • Pian32
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    @Gdh You can't for the practice exams however I think you can access the answers so can use those to find your mistakes

    @lulia which synoptic?

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  • Iulia
    Iulia Registered Posts: 6
    I have failed the synoptic again. This was the third attempt. In two exams I had same task 4. Still don`t know how to approach that as AAT is giving vary basic feedback. Last failed with 63%.
    Every time I am doing a mock exam I have a positive results but on the real one I am failing.
    On my second attempt I was filling really confident and I had a lower % than the third attempt ( I come out from this exam very disappointed.
    Is any one on here that can help with some tips as I fill I will never pass this exam.
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