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Hello everyone :) I am currently busy with my AAT Level 3 AVBK and would just like to know what is the best method of study.

1. I sum everything up at the end of each chapter and make study notes, flashcards and so on for the final assessment
2. I finish the entire book and then see what I have to study and only focus on that?

I am doing 1 now and its taking me very long that's why I am asking.
Maybe you have a great way for me to study? If so please share with me hehe.

Have a great day :)


  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 448
    Hey Megan

    Everyone learns differently so you'll have to play around a little to find what works best for you.

    For me at AAT I found reading the book as a whole (very few notes) and then doing practice questions worked best. A lot of AAT until level 4 is very numerical and if you understand that, the bits that aren't tend to fall into place.

    Now while doing ACCA I make notes on the equations during my first reading and then go through questions by chapter re-reading the text based sections.

    AVBK is also one of the larger Level 3 modules so it might go quite slowly due to the amount of content.
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  • thelowendtheory18
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    As Pian32 has just said AVBK is a big old unit.... took me circa 7-8 weeks to be ready for the exam

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