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Hello everyone :) I am currently busy with my AAT Level 3 AVBK and would just like to know what is the best method of study.

1. I sum everything up at the end of each chapter and make study notes, flashcards and so on for the final assessment
2. I finish the entire book and then see what I have to study and only focus on that?

I am doing 1 now and its taking me very long that's why I am asking.
Maybe you have a great way for me to study? If so please share with me hehe.

Have a great day :)


  • Pian32
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    Hey Megan

    Everyone learns differently so you'll have to play around a little to find what works best for you.

    For me at AAT I found reading the book as a whole (very few notes) and then doing practice questions worked best. A lot of AAT until level 4 is very numerical and if you understand that, the bits that aren't tend to fall into place.

    Now while doing ACCA I make notes on the equations during my first reading and then go through questions by chapter re-reading the text based sections.

    AVBK is also one of the larger Level 3 modules so it might go quite slowly due to the amount of content.
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    As Pian32 has just said AVBK is a big old unit.... took me circa 7-8 weeks to be ready for the exam

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    I go over stuff, and make notes using different words than how they are already presented. This usually keeps me thinking more and seems to make me remember them better.
    Bullet points help too, as opposed to long rambling sentences. They're easier to re-study too, as theres no wall of text and the key-points are infront of you.
    But you can also go with homework doer if you have no time.
    Don't cram your studying. Spread it out, the best way to do this in my opinion is after each day, take a re-read over any notes/resources you used for that day and write out short revision notes for them.
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