How AAT answers are marked to calculate the grade

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Hello All,

I am new to this forum, AAT and UK. I have enrolled for AAT level 3 and self studying. I have plans to sit for the exams from next month. I have a question. Please help me to understand, how CBA marks the correct answers.

I often find the fixed asset questions really difficult while arriving at the capital expenditure/ NCA cost from the invoice provided. If NCA cost is correct, then I would get full marks for the question. Assuming, if NCA cost that I calculated is incorrect, obviously, depreciation and CA amount are going to be wrong answers to the question. In such a case, because this is going to be a computer based assessment, the whole question will be marked zero or partial marked would be provided (I meant for other entries in the fixed asset register).

Suppose, If I missed to enter the balancing figure in one account and all other answers in the sub task are correct, will it mark 0 for the subtask(just because of missing an entry) or deduct marks for that mistake alone. How CB assessment assigns mark for such mistakes?

Thanks In advance.
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