Level 2 UACS Exam - Xero Bank Journal

I was wondering if anyone has completed/is revising for their Level 2 AAT UACS exam using Xero? Task 11 asks you to do a journal debiting motor expenses for example, then crediting the bank account. Xero doesn't allow you to include the bank account in the journal (forgive me if I'm mistaken), so I was wondering the best way around this.

My provider uses Sage 50 for the exam but no exams are taking place with them so having to use another provider who don't offer Sage 50 for the exam, therefore I have no study materials for it.

Please can someone advise, exam is next Wednesday.


  • livintiv
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    I did UACS with Xero last Summer - this scenario is indeed the exception to the normal, 'Do a manual journal' sequence.
    If I remember rightly, because the bank is involved, there's going to be a payment either in or out. So you'd record this either as a 'Spend Money or Receive Money transaction' (from the manual).
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