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self study and synoptic assessment

Hello All,

Anyone here who had successfully passed synoptic exam level 3, without a training provider.

Can you please share here, how did you practice questions for the exam. I read in a course book, that students should be familiar with downloading and uploading spreadsheets during the real exam. Are practice assessment section in AAT contains this part (downloading spreadsheet, entering works and then uploading spreadsheet), as a part of the assessment. I thought of asking this with level 3 students here, before I take the practice assessment.

Any suggestions as to where we can practice questions for synoptic exams, if self studying.

Many Thanks,


  • haiyen90hnhaiyen90hn Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
    I did self-study and passed it last year
    I only did the practice assessment on AAT's website - Lifelong Learning portal. Do it again and again until you find yourself very familiar with their instruction.
  • ChanaatChanaat Registered Posts: 12
    @haiyen90hn, well-done, congrats. Thanks for sharing. I will do the practice assessments.
    Many Thanks,
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