Prior Learning to be Revisited?

Hi All. I have come back to the AAT after several years away and having passed all bar one exam in Level 4, under the old standards, I now need to retake them all :( I am looking at Financial Statements for Limited Companies and am really struggling. Is there anything I should/ could study from Levels 2 or 3 that would help to underpin my current learning? As it's been such a long time and I appear to have forgotten pretty much everything! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thank you.


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    I'm starting to read my FSLC book now too and get the impression we really do need to be au fait with all of the topics in Advanced Bookkeeping and Final Accounts Preparation. My training provider had an initial assessment to give me an idea of my understanding of these before jumping in (long story short - yeah, I've forgotten some details too).
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