Posting Sales Invoices in SAGE ONE using Quick Entries

Alessio_Bardino Registered, AAT Student Posts: 7 New contributor 🐸
Hi All,

I am self- studying for the CBA UACS scheduled in two weeks time using SAGE ONE with materials purchased from Kaplan and I have a question, if you can help me.

When I have to post the sales invoice for the credit customer, the suggestion received from Kaplan is to use the Sales > Quick entries so when I run the Sales Day Book, I have to select Type > Sales QE Invoice, before calculating it, and i am able to see these invoice there.

is this an advice for the real assessment or i can also use the option 'Sales Invoice' ( and pay attention to select Type > Sales invoice when I run the Sales Day book)

I think for some invoices that have more than 1 item, using the option ' Sales invoice' would be faster rather than using quick entries and have to enter same details such as Date/ Reference.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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