The bank in the trial balance

Gdh Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
Hello. I just started the new addition to the Bookkeeping Transactions on The AAT learning portal. I have attempted the initial trial balance spread sheet task in the e-learning. I have entered all the amounts as I believe are in the correct sides, but the bank is missing. I’m guessing I need to work out what the bank value is but I don’t know how? I have gone through the e-learning several times and there is no mention on this, my course provider è-careers doesn’t mention it and I couldn’t seem to see it in the Caplan book either. I even started the next course hoping it may shed some light on the subject but no. I was hoping if someone could help me out please?


  • Gdh
    Gdh Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
    Ok, may have spoke too soon. I put the overdraft in the bank account, cleared up some mistakes and it balances. I checked the answers and it is all correct, I think I fluked it but my knowledge is still a bit vague. I’m happy for any input anyone has (good or bad!). Thanks.
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