Is this exam tough? After doing the MDCL unit?

Hi All

Just wondering if this exam is tough?

I have past my MDCL unit with 83% and excelled in the variances section. I'm just wondering whether if this exam will be easier? Truth be told, I haven't studied this exam hand have it on 19th of April. I been so paranoid about my financial statements exam that I tunnelled 'vissioned' into it to ensure I get a merit.

Planning to study really hard right after this exam in two days.


  • Pian32
    Pian32 MAAT Posts: 473
    Compared to MDCL this will probably feel easy. The order would generally be Budgeting then Decision and Control. The variances are focused around the variable costs so you should be happy with those already, and the rest is calculation around different budget types.
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