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Documents and Reports to upload during CBA

Alessio_BardinoAlessio_Bardino Registered, AAT Student Posts: 6
Hi Everyone,

Can you please help me, as I think there is something that I am missing?

In the practice assessment available in myAAT, in the section ' Documents and Reports', there are two reports to upload and i am not able to see the difference, or maybe ,the version of my Sage doesn't run these two reports

First : A document showing all transactions with each customer (or supplier) during June ( or any period we are working on)

Second : A document showing the balance owed by each customer ( or owe to each supplier) as at 30 June.

if I run the report for the FIRST, This will include also the final balance for each customer. so I cannot see the difference as I should upload two different reports

Hope you can advise me,please!

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