What shall I select for Optional Units?

Hi All

I am going to start AAT Level 4

I need some advise regarding which is the best Sequence to start preparing compulsory Units

And what shall I select for Optional Units personal and business tax or credit management and Audit which is more helpful in future

Please advise

Looking forward for your response

Thank you

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  • GJM
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    Good morning keepthebooks

    I have been looking into the same as sitting the level 3 exams over the next 3 weeks and my employer wants me to go straight into level 4.

    From what I can tell, it depends whether you want to take ACA or ACCA. The advice I saw was that if you wanted to take ACA (which I believe is the best one if you are more interested in auditing) you should take a third optional module so taking: External Auditing, Personal Tax and Business Tax as that combination entitles you to the most exam exemptions during ACA. I have also heard that External Auditing helps a lot with the Level 4 Synoptic.

    I believe Credit Management and Cash and Treasury Management are the best options if you want to go into the public sector.

    My current employer is an ACCA training provider so I am currently considering whether my long term goal is ACCA or moving to an ICAEW training provider to take ACA.

    Ultimately, I would imagine that to an extent it's the same as choosing which units you want to take at university and it's the end pass certificate that matters unless you are planning to concentrate your career solely in one area. I could be wrong though and interested in hearing what everyone else thinks.

    Good luck whichever you chose :)
  • Pian32
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    If you're already working then I'd pick modules that'll help you more at work. I work in a general accounting firm which handles the tax and reporting side so I did the Tax modules since I could do more with them.

    ACCA will cover most of them regardless and you don't get any more exemptions for doing extra modules on this route.
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  • keepthebooks
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    Thank you Grace for your message
    I can at least get Idea from previous experienced people who are already in different sector of Finance or who has already finished level 4 or Acca or ICAEW
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