Struggling with what should e a simple variance calculation.. Kaplan chapter 15 TYU 4

I've been getting frustrated with working out the fixed OH variances (expenditure and volume) for this question and would really appreciate some help:

CD Products has 2 manufacturing departments: the CD pressing department and the Finishing department.

Details of the standard costs are shown below:

Standard Cost Per Machine Hour - CD Pressing Department:
Blank compact discs: 800 x £0.20 each _____ £160.00
Labour: 8 labour hours x £7.00 _______ £56.00
Fixed overheads: _______ £200.00
Standard cost of pressing 800 compact discs per machine hour: £416.00

The following info is provided:

CD Pressing Department information:
  • Budgeted labour hours:__________ 880 hours
  • Actual number of compact discs manufactured:___ 96,000 CDs
  • Actual cost of blank compact discs issued to production:____£20,790
  • Actual price paid for each blank compact disc: ______£0.21
  • Actual labour hours worked:__________980 hours
  • Actual cost of labour: £7,252
Factory information:
  • Budgeted total factory fixed costs:_______£33,000
  • Actual total factory fixed costs:_______£34,500
  • Budgeted total factory labour hours:___1,320 hours
  • oth budgeted and actual fixed overheads are apportioned between the pressing and finishing departments on the basis of budgeted labour hours.
I've got the material and labour variances but can't work out the FO Expenditure and Volume variances.

Thanks for any assistance

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