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Synoptic level 3

350b350b Registered Posts: 11
This is a repost of a question for another level 3 student regarding the level 3 synoptic. See the question below please!!

Amna Registered Posts: 12 April 9 in Synoptic assessment - Professional

I need the advice to pass synoptic. I don't know where to start? :'( can anyone explain the spreadsheet question? I have some understanding but I confused about how to deal the questions?



  • Pian32Pian32 MAAT Posts: 385

    The advanced synoptic has 2 parts. The 1st part has 2 main sections and the 2nd is the spreadsheet section.

    1.1 - Based on my memory this is the Ethics section and is based on the Ethics module.
    1.2 - This is a written section that tests your understanding of accounting and your ability to communicate what they are.

    2 - This is the spreadsheet section. You'll get a scenario and accompanying work sheet which you need to alter according to the information provided. This can include correcting errors, producing a set of accounts, performing some analysis etc.

    You will want to make sure you understand how to use excel and it's relevant functions. I'd recommend using a groups study book to make sure you cover all the equations you are likely to need. As well has how to use charts/graphs and pivot tables/graphs.

    If you look at the practice exams you should get a good idea of how the questions are structured. Content may be different for your actual exam but the general structure should be similar.
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  • AmnaAmna Registered Posts: 15
    Could you help me on excel
    I am OK with basic function but graph(especially Pie chart) am struggling
    How to use axis on Pie chart?
  • 350b350b Registered Posts: 11
    @Amna they Excell stuff is more about memorising the format (give or take), so repetition is key. If you have access to hotmail, you can use Excell for free online by signing on to outlook.com.

    Use this young mans videos, he has great explanations of the process needed for the current exam. It helped me, I only practised two days before the exam for the first time.

    Sample 1 - Task 2.1

    Sample 1 - Task 2.2

    Sample 2 - Task 2.1

    Sample 2 - Task 2.2
  • AmnaAmna Registered Posts: 15
    Thanks a lot
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