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AAT Level 2 - Distance learning?

Hi everyone,

After years stuck in the unrelated field of delivery i've decided i'd like to aim more towards a career focused mindset and accountancy has always bared some interest to me.

I was just hoping you may be able to offer me some guidance on recommended providers for distance learning and if its something you can start to do instantly? I had initially thought id do level 2 through college starting September but after reading several comments it seems a bit long winded to stretch it out over a full year when i have more time available to study. My thought was would it be possible to start studying towards level 2 now and then start level 3 at college in September even if i haven't fully completed level 2? I noticed it says for level 3 that 2 is advantageous but not essential but having no experience in the field i feel it would be beneficial to me.

As a side note are there any requirements to study? College usually asks for grade A-C(4-9) in English which i unfortunately have a D grade however am currently studying this year and should pass to a much higher level but don't officially get a grading till August although class ends after a final exam in a few weeks. Thanks


  • Pian32Pian32 MAAT Posts: 385
    If you're self study I don't think there are any extra requirements but any provider should list them on their sites. What can happen is you might need to take an extra module covering the Maths/English if you don't have them.

    Depending on how you want to learn there will be different options available.

    There would be nothing stopping you from starting level 3 without level 2 but it does build on it so be aware you might have some missing knowledge if you haven't finished.
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  • livintivlivintiv Registered Posts: 58
    I've heard Accountancy Learning come recommended, as also First Intuition (I think that's what they're called).

    I did Level 2 at College, and you're right in that it could have been covered in much less than an academic year (or whatever an 'academic year' meant in the Year of Covid :lol: ).

    On the other hand, however, I'm glad I did that before moving on to self-study/distance learning. I have a numerate background, but accountancy was completely new to me, so I really appreciated all the 'scheduling' work being taken out of my hands, and having a fixed lecture every week where I saw my lecturer and classmates (some of whom have become great friends).

    My lecturer was also excellent in teaching us so much more than the bare minimum of the L2 syllabus; she gave us so much context and further information and ideas that appear in L3, but made the work of L2 much more logical and complete. So for me, having a classroom taught L2 set me up for being able to study much more independently at L3 and now L4.
  • PDDPDD Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replies i'm going to have to put some consideration into my next step as can agree that having structured learning time may be more beneficial especially with no experience. However I can't help but want things to move as quick as possible ;)
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