What to put on a CV

Jacko12383 Registered Posts: 3
I'm just about to finish my aat level 3 after completing level 2 last year. I've currently no experience in accounting, so i'm just wondering what is best to put on my cv to get noticed. Any help is much apprechiated


  • Accounting1234
    Accounting1234 Registered Posts: 8
    Probably just stuff that makes you sound hard working and somewhat knowledgable. The employer probably knows of your lack of experience if they’re interviewing you since you’re early in your studies.

    I think learning excel stuff like Vlookups, Index Match, if statements and more and then putting that stuff on your CV might help. This can depend on the employer though as some might have never heard of this stuff while others have.

    Other than that maybe just stuff like ‘studying level 3’ etc. Idk I’ve never really had a problem with my CV or getting interviews, I just have to apply a ton. Eventually you hear back - mainly from recruiters (which I’ve found very helpful).

    Best of luck
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