AAT level 3 synoptic assessments and book to follow

Hello Fellow Students,

I am studying Level 3 now and have passed all modules except Synoptic. I have booked the synoptic assessment exam in next month. I am posting my question in professional level assuming students here would have completed synoptic assessment in level 3 and could share their suggestions better than students preparing for level 3 AVSY. Appreciate your suggestions for the following:

1. Which Book do you recommend to practice for synoptic assessment? The one I have got has expired online resources.
2. What are the formulas or functions we need to be familiar for spreadsheet questions?
Can you share the advanced formulas that you had to use in your synoptic assessments(like, indirect, offset, etc)
3. which section of synoptic test you felt challenging and how did you practice such questions.

Do share your suggestions or study method that would help AAT level 3 students to successfully pass the synoptic Exam.

Many Thanks,

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