Big difference in sage desktop versions?

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I'm studying via an elearning provider. For uacs we have the sage 50 desktop version 27, the latest one. My exam centre only has sage 50 2017, version 23 or sage one cloud. Is there much difference between the two desktop versions? Getting quite worried about it as I don't want to spend time during the exam learning new software.

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    Hi MrsL

    Sage50 v27 has some additional functionality which I personally really like, for example, being able to edit journal postings rather than reversing the incorrect transactions and reposting - definitely tidies up bank reconciliations when you don't have contras everywhere!

    Overall though, everything is laid out in the same format v19 to v27 so you shouldn't need to hunt around for any functions if you practiced on v27 and take the exam on v23.

    Some of the older versions automatically open Supplier and Customer lists as trees rather than lists but you just need to select list under the heading to change the view type.

    There are quite a few Sage50 videos on Youtube so you may be able to find one showcasing v23 to put your mind at rest.

    Hope the exam goes well :)
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