Studying ATT - understanding legislation

louise12112 Registered Posts: 10 New contributor ?
I have my ATT tax exams next week and left revision to the last minute. I can't get my head round how to use the Tolley legislation. DO I have to learn everything in the syllabus as I am guessing I can lookup the answers in the legislation. Just don't know where to start and looking for some tips. Thank you


  • douglasstroud
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    Have you highlighted all the parts of the legislation you may need ?
    Otherwise you could be wasting valuable time trying to find the relevant parts of the legislation in the books
    BPP used to do a great webinar on how to highlight the legislation to save time by using different colour highlighters
  • Sabz
    Sabz Registered Posts: 5
    Yeah as mentioned above just highlight important parts in the legislation. Good luck!
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