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Can anybody advise when sitting Level 2 test at a test centre what are the answers to the following:
- Is the BTRN & BKCL exams combined or individual
- How many questions if individual or combined
- How long do you have to complete the test; either individual or combined

Many thanks in advance

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  • kiki_w
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    Hi Lee,

    As the poster above said, they are individual. I sat my first one last night for Bookkeeping Transactions. There were 10 questions, most with numerous parts to it and you get 1.5hrs to complete.

    I hope this helps.


  • Pian32
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    Hi Lee

    The best place to find these will be in the AAT student resourses section. If you log into your AAT and go to the lifelong learning. You can access various materials that'll help including the practice papers which are the same length as the actual exams.

    The exams are individual. I can't remember how many tasks there are as it varies between different exams (best way would be to load up/attempt a practice paper)

    If I remember correctly at Level 2 most exams are 1.5 hours with the synoptic being 2 hours long. Again if you load up a practice exam you'll be able to see it there.

    Sorry I couldn't be more precise
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