Acca or Cima

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I know everyone has their own personal preference with choosing ACCA or CIMA qualification after finishing AAT, but can anyone advise of any pro’s and con’s for either one?

Struggling to decide which one.

Thanks all


  • PeterC
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    Both are good. In this case the clue might not be in the name. There is a decent amount of management accounting in ACCA.

    CIMA is probably more useful if you will be working in a large organisation. ACCA is probably more useful if you might end up setting up your own practice (although this is more of an issue for people without AAT).

    I have taught both, to ex AAT students, and most found the CIMA harder. At the outset, the ACCA syllabus is more like AAT, than CIMA is. Most AAT students do not have the appreciation of strategic issues that CIMA likes to focus on.

    If you have a manager who is CIMA qualified, you will probably find him/her very loyal to CIMA.
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