AAT staff member or anyone, A tab missing in the excel sheet --Synoptic practice assessment

Hi All,

Today, I tried to complete synoptic practice assessment Question 2 . In that ,Task 2.2 excel question, there is a sub question (d) to complete the extended Trial Balance and it states to use the "Data" tab. something like this.Using the 'Data' tab, import the text file titled 'AVSY_B2_Task_2_2_ETB' and load it into any cell in a new worksheet. But in the excel sheet(task202), I could not find the tab ' Data'. SO I could not practice that question.
Can anyone look into this synoptic practice assessment question and advice me.
Advanced DIP Synoptic Assessment - Practice assessment2-task2.2

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  • Chanaat
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    Hi All,

    Please ignore my previous question and suggest me how to import the txt file for the task 2.2 sub question D(synoptic Mock practice assessment 2 question). Level 3
    I clicked on the Data tab, then clicked From text, Import Text File box appeared, but I couldn't find the text file mentioned in the question.
    How to import this file to the worksheet for task2.2 ?

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