AAT Level 2- Foundation Certificate in Accounting

Hi there, I hope you guys can help,

I am new to AAT Level 2, and have got all my materials and everything ready from Premier Training- I just wanted general advice in how you all cope especially if you have little ones plus working, I also did the inital assessment and it was asking about ratio etc, things that I did at GCSE's years and years ago, and havent touched that stuff again- do we need proper maths to do AAT?- Im crap at maths!


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    For level 2 and 3 you will need basic maths. There's plenty of the basic operations (+,-,x,/) in normal working. You will need to understand ratios although most of that (from what I remember) is in level 4.

    You will need to use equations and manipulate them (again mostly level 4 with only a little in 2,3)

    Remember the initial assessment will be to see what you already know so premier training know where they might need to give you more support or supplementary work.
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